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Here are a couple of little tips that your phone can do, that might be useful in an emergency situation.


Health app, Medical ID app

On an iPhone, there is an app preinstalled called the health app. Or for android phones you can download for free the medial id app.

health app medical-id-android

The iPhone’s health app has a feature called Medical ID, which can be found at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Medical ID allows users to have medical and emergency information accessible when the phone is locked. This particular feature is valuable should you become unable to communicate due to injury, illness or unconsciousness.

Details you can have accessible include your name and date of birth, who to contact in an emergency, medical conditions, allergies and reactions, medical notes, medications, blood type, organ donor status, weight and height. Please note all these sections are optional.


Emergency Plus

Another useful free app is the emergency plus app. This app was created by Australia’s emergency services.


This app when opened allows you to call 000, the police, or the SES. However the bonus of this app is that it will give you your location as both an address and your latitude and longitude coordinates. As one of the first questions you will be asked when calling the emergency services is to confirm you address, this app will assist you in providing this useful information. This app will need to use your phones GPS functionality to work.


Australian Bites and Stings

And finally, the Australian Venom Research Unit has a handy and easy to understand “Australian bites and stings” app. This free app is great for providing first aid information regarding the signs, symptoms and treatment of various Australian animals bites or stings.

Australian Bites and Stings

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