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I just read some pretty amazing stats related to first aid.

Did you know that of all deaths, 1 in 7 male deaths are cardiac related, and 1 in 8 female deaths are cardiac related?


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About ¼ of these deaths are preventable by simple lifestyle choices such as a change in diet and exercising.

So how about you do a quick little personal assessment of your health. Could you reduce the amount of salt in your diet? Could you move a little bit more and get your body healthy? Do you think you could quit smoking?

If you do think you could make a change, then what’s stopping you? Start small and work on it a little bit each day until it becomes the new “normal”.

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Have you seen the TAC ad on TV where they ask someone how many deaths on the road is acceptable? They then show him all his family members and then ask what number is acceptable and he says zero.

We can all read information like this and think it’s just a number and it won’t happen to me. But all these “numbers and stats” are people, and there are people who will miss them. Don’t become someone else’s statistic.

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  1. Learning First Aid can also improve your overall employ ability and job prospects. Some workplaces require employees to be trained to administer First Aid as a part of their industry regulations.

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